Company Registration In Indonesia Three Type to Know about

Company Registration In Indonesia: Three Type to Know about

It is good that if you want to setup a company in Indonesia. The country is a fertile ground for any kind of industry to grow upon. First, of course you need to own a fixed amount of capital to run your business in Indonesia.

Without any, there is a little chance you can do it and your company would not be able to be established. Capital is an important factor but there is another similarly crucial thing that you need to find out about: Company Registration In Indonesia.

The matter of Company Registration In Indonesia is not a simple thing. It may not have anything to do with the odds of the country being hard to deal with in terms of bureaucracy. But it is complicated from the very beginning. As you hail from another country, to be able to setup a company in Indonesia requires preparations and lots of strategies. There are things to take care of first before you are able to run your business in Indonesia.

Documents, licenses, and permits need to be acquired in order that the subsequently formed company can do its work safely without intrusions or hindrances. In a sense, registering your Indonesia-based company means you can protect it from possible risk factors.

There are three ways you can take Company Registration In Indonesia. You can register the company as a local company, as a representative office or a branch, and as a foreign owned company. With the first, the company is up and running as a different entity separate from the parent company, while still being under the same management. With the second, the company would act as an entity representing your brand directly. With the third, the company is running on Indonesian soil and is legally owned by you, as a foreigner.

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