Company Registration In Indonesia Why PT PMA is the Best

Company Registration In Indonesia: Why PT PMA is the Best

Planning on setting up a company in Indonesia? If that is what you wish for, then you should know how to get Company Registration In Indonesia.This thing is important as it is the only way you can secure your position within the country.

Your company can run with a 100% guaranteed legality status and your business can improve so much more without unnecessary risks. As to what type the company should be, it is suggested that you should make it a foreign owned company. It is a lot safer and able to ensure more profit for you to take in.

Within the scope of Company Registration In Indonesia, the type of foreign owned company is known as Perusahaan TerbatasPenanaman Modal Asing (PT PMA). In English, the term translates to Limited Liability Company (LLC)—Foreign Direct Investment. The term reflects the nature of this company: You, as a foreigner, take full control of the company yourself.

There are advantages you can enjoy upon taking a Company Registration In Indonesiain the form of PT PMA. When your company runs as a PT PMA, you, as the owner, are granted with equal rights as the ones running local company. It means that you will be treated by the Government in the same manner the locals are. You can also take part in all kinds of tender in Indonesia, without limitations.

Applying for business licenses and import is made possible as well as applying for registration of products directly under your company. This way, you may import goods in a lot better conditions. You and everyone working for your company (foreigners) are eligible for work visa. Both visitors of your company and your clients (all of which are foreigners) are also eligible for application for business visas that your company sponsors.

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